Roof Trusses

Trussway’s roof trusses are capable of handling long clear spans, which reduces the need for intermediate supports and allows for more open floor plans.  Our roof trusses are fully constructed prior to shipment and, upon request, can be packaged based on site specifications, saving time on installation.  All roof shapes and designs can be accommodated as all projects are designed to order by a team of in-house designers and engineers.  

Floor Trusses

Trussway’s open web floor trusses are engineered to carry a variety of loading conditions.  In addition to providing room for mechanical, electrical and plumbing runs, the open web design reduces the number of interior load bearing walls, columns and beams, which reduces complexity and material costs.

Exclusive Trussway Benefits:

  • Open web design allows for easy passage of mechanical ductwork, plumbing and electrical wiring.
  • Spans further than other engineered products of same length
  • Custom fit, no trimming necessary
  • Floor truss chords design allows for larger nailing surface, reducing costly job site errors and enhances the strength of the floor system

Components & Rough Openings

Trussway offers an alternative to site built components and openings that will save labor, time and materials. Our pre-assembled door and window openings and manufactured corners, tees and trimmers are made of quality material and offer consistent size and fitting, reducing error and material waste.